TADF in the center of the ICEL Conference

ICEL Conference, held last week in Korea, attracted leading research institutes in the OLED area from Asia, Europe and the Unites States. With more than 30 presentations and posters on TADF, the ICEL conference was a great proof of the huge interest in this novel and promising technology. But why does TADF attract so much attention? The main problem facing current OLEDs is the limited efficiency of the blue emitters. State-of-the-art technologies, such as fluorescence or phosphorescence, have been unable to deliver high-efficiency blue emitters for several years. Consequently, the OLED industry is looking for a technology which will finally solve the blue problem. The biggest OLED display providers, LG Display and Samsung Display, see in the Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence technology hope to speed up their OLED development and use high-efficiency emitters for all RGB colors (read more on OLEDNet).

CYNORA is leading the TADF blue development and is targeting the commercialization of the first blue TADF materials for OLED displays. CYNORA has already reached the color point and the efficiency for blue emitters and the company is currently focused on reaching the specifications in lifetime. Blue materials are the most challenging OLED materials, but already presented results of CYNORA’s materials show that deep blue TADF is a real solution for LGD’s and SDC’s problem.

As explained in one of the latest press release of CYNORA, the company uses TADF technology in several approaches, either in a self-emitting approach or in several co-emitting approaches, such as hyper-DABNA or hyper-fluorescence. Dr. Christian Kasparek presented latest results of CYNORA for both approaches at the conference. The presented results for the self-emitting and the co-emitting approach are leading in the race towards market-ready high-efficiency blue. Unquestionably, TADF emitters are poised to contribute to the next material-driven advancement of the OLED industry. The ICEL conference was only one of several events this year, which confirmed that TADF is now in center of OLED’s industry interest.