Why efficient blue emitters?

Due to the lower efficiency of the fluorescent emitters, which are used in current OLED products, today´s OLED displays all waste approximately 50% of the power. Using CYNORA´s blue TADF emitter with its high efficiency, the power consumption will be halved, which will increase the battery life for the consumer. In order to gain sufficient brightness in the displays, using inefficient fluorescent emitters, relatively large blue pixel areas are required. In a smartphone, which contains red, green, and blue pixels, the blue pixel makes up ~ 50% of the total area. By using our blue TADF materials, which are far more efficient, OLED panel makers could significantly reduce the size of blue pixels. The direct result is a higher display resolution.

Therefore, high efficiency in blue OLED emitters enable a significant reduction of the overall display power consumption and higher display resolution. A highly efficient blue is the most requested material by OLED display makers.