Why efficient blue emitters?

Due to the lower efficiency of the widely used blue fluorescent emitters, today´s blue OLED pixels consume much more power than the red and green ones. Using CYNORA´s high efficiency blue emitters, the power consumption will be significantly decreased, leading to a considerably longer battery life for the consumer. In order to gain sufficient brightness in the OLED displays, using inefficient fluorescent emitters, relatively large blue pixel areas are required. In a smartphone, which contains red, green, and blue pixels, the blue pixel makes up to ~50% of the total area. By the use of our far more efficient blue emitters, OLED panel makers could significantly reduce the size of the blue pixels. The direct result is a higher display resolution.

Therefore, high efficiency in blue OLED emitters enable a significant reduction of the overall display power consumption and higher display resolution. A highly efficient blue is the most requested material by OLED display makers.