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Meet our experts at OLED and display conferences worldwide

This year CYNORA will take part again in several conferences all over the world and we will present the recent progress in developing highly efficient blue emitter materials with TADF technology. Take the opportunity and meet our experts to discuss the latest trends of the OLED industry.

TADF in the center of the ICEL Conference

ICEL Conference, held last week in Korea, attracted leading research institutes in the OLED area from Asia, Europe and the Unites States. With more than 30 presentations and posters on TADF, the ICEL conference was a great proof of the huge interest in this novel and promising technology. But why does TADF attract so much attention?

Opening ceremony of new facilities

Last week CYNORA officially opened its new facilities in Bruchsal.

See the newest display trends at SID Display Week

In a couple of weeks, the SID Display Week - the biggest international conference for electronic displays will take place in Los Angeles. With more than 7000 attendees and 250 exhibitors, SID Display Week is definitely the must-see event for the leading display manufacturers, materials suppliers, business analysts and investors.