AMOLED stands for Active Matrix OLED. In AMOLED displays, the individual pixels on an active matrix system are controlled by the backplane, which consists of millions of TFTs (thin film transistor). The active matrix system enables faster response times of the pixels compared to traditional LCD displays. Besides, AMOLED displays allow for higher resolution, great contrast, their size is not limited and they can be flexible, bendable and transparent.


One of the biggest issues for AMOLED is the lack of an efficient blue emitter material, such a material would enable a reduction in power consumption and, at the same time would increase the display resolution. The high efficiency of the blue emitters needs to be balanced against other important factors, such as a longer lifetime and color quality.


CYNORA's efficient blue TADF emitter materials respond to the latest requirements of the AMOLED market and enable a further increase in power efficiency of the displays of tomorrow.