OLED Lighting

OLED opens the door for new ideas in the field of lighting. Thanks to OLED technology, the luminous panels can emit a two-dimensional pleasant homogenous light. In addition, they can be transparent or flexible and allow new integration options through their low volume and weight. This makes it possible to design lighting products in a completely new way and to create new lighting concepts for the design of interior or exterior facades.


Generally, either two or three colors are used to create light from OLEDs. Efficient blue emitters can enable superior color temperature and lighting quality. This is especially important to produce desirable white OLED light.



CYNORA’s TADF-based blue OLED emitters play a key role in achieving higher color temperatures for general lighting while maintaining a high power efficiency. Due to their tunable emission characteristics, TADF emitters can be tuned to achieve lighting OLEDs with good color rendering.