The CYNORA Management Team

Gildas Sorin

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Gildas Sorin joined cynora GmbH in October 2015 as CEO. He has over 35 years of international management experience. Gildas Sorin started his career at the French Thomson Multimedia company. During that time, he executed several general manager positions and became director of its semi-conductor activity as well as director for the flat displays development. Following, he joined Philips Electronics as Vice President in Display Division where he was responsible for the large flat displays. Gildas Sorin became CEO of Novaled from the start of the company in 2003 and made the company becoming a world leader in the field of organic materials for OLED displays till its sales to Samsung end of 2013. Gildas Sorin studied Electrical Engineering at the ESEO in France. He graduated in 1989 at the Thomson University with a qualification in Management for Business Administrations.



Dr. Thomas Baumann

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Dr. Thomas Baumann studied chemistry at the University of Bayreuth and is a co-founder of CYNORA GmbH. He conducts Cynora's research and is also responsible for patent management. As an organic chemist, he has a broad scientific and technical background as well as in-depth knowledge in the field of organic electronics. Together with the other founders, he developed and established a technology platform, allowing both the color and the solubility of optoelectronic materials for applications in organic electronics such as OLEDs to be adjusted precisely.




Michael Bächle

Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Michael Bächle is a co-founder of CYNORA GmbH and as COO is responsible for the areas of Administration & Operations. After completing his apprenticeship at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), he acted as a researcher in the industry. Since 2008, Michael Bächle has been part of the CYNORA management team. Until 2014, he was working as a technical director and then took over the management of the operative daily business. Together with Thomas Baumann, he developed the technology platform of CYNORA GmbH and has actively prepared the company to enter the market.



Dr. Andreas Haldi

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Dr. Andreas Haldi received a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich, Switzerland and a Ph.D in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA). From there, Andreas accepted a position as Customer Project Manager in R&D at Novaled in Dresden (Germany) before opening an office for Novaled in Seoul (South Korea) as Customer Support Manager. Andreas Haldi joined CYNORA in August 2016 to lead the promotion and sales activities of CYNORA´s products.