CYNORA CEO to present at OLED Korea Conference

Our 2020 conference schedule is taking shape as we finalize the list of venues where we’ll join our friends in the OLED industry to hear the latest on displays, and share new details about our TADF emitters for high-efficiency OLEDs.

If CES is a guide, this year promises dazzling display innovation in the form of exciting foldable devices, large-size TVs featuring spectacular color contrast and lifelike images, and much more – thanks to the amazing advantages of OLED technology.

We begin our “talk circuit” in Korea with a presentation at the OLED Korea Conference to be held at the Novotel Ambassador Gangnam Hotel in Seoul, March 4-5. CEO Adam Kablanian takes the stage to reveal new details on CYNORA’s innovation-to-commercialization strategy, focusing on the performance gains recently demonstrated by our emitter materials. He’ll describe how CYNORA’s steady innovation brings display manufacturers closer to a solution that will substantially boost the efficiency advantages of OLED displays.

Stay tuned for more details on the day/time of Adam Kablanian’s presentation. Meantime, get in touch if you plan to be there.

We got word that the OLED Korea Conference (Mar 4-5) has been postponed due to the coronavirus. Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, and we salute the courageous individuals delivering care, as well as the scientists working fast to develop treatments. We look forward to returning to Seoul soon when our CEO will present the latest on our emitter technology.