CYNORA’s New CTO: Serial Inventor with a Passion for Process Excellence

Meet our new CTO, Dr. Jan Richter.

Jan joined us earlier this month and is already infusing our research and product development programs with new energy, excitement, and fresh ideas.

Jan is no newcomer to emerging science-based companies like CYNORA. In fact, he’s got a special flair for developing disruptive technologies at high-growth startups. Before CYNORA, he helped pioneer a novel laser-based wafering solution at Siltectra, a Dresden-based company that was acquired by Infineon Technologies. He’s bringing the same drive for innovation, process excellence, and product leadership to CYNORA.

CYNORA Strengthens Leadership Team with Two New Hires

We are thrilled to welcome two new executives to our leadership team. Dr. Jan Richter joins as Chief Technology Officer and Dr. Bernhard Stapp joins as Chief Strategy Advisor. Both bring deep technology credentials to CYNORA, and extensive leadership experience with companies ranging from venture-backed startups to large global corporations.

A conversation with CYNORA CEO about our first product

We marked a big milestone earlier this month when we introduced our first product, the cyBlueBooster. It is a fluorescent blue emitter that is >15% more efficient than the leading alternative product.


The market response has been amazing! We selected some of the questions that came our way and asked our CEO Adam to respond and share a few extra thoughts on what the product means for our business. Enjoy the read.

Press Release: CYNORA introduces fluorescent blue emitter that gives OLED devices a substantial efficiency boost

BRUCHSAL, Germany, Mar. 3, 2020 – CYNORA today debuted its first commercial product, a fluorescent blue emitter that promises to significantly improve the efficiency of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays used in mobile phones, laptops, TVs, and other applications. The company is an emerging OLED materials leader.  The product, known as the cyBlueBooster™, employs an advanced molecular design and is >15 percent more efficient than comparative emitters. It can be easily integrated into existing OLED stacks and is available in multiple shades of blue for application customization. The product aims to help display manufacturers immediately harness untapped efficiencies in the emission layer of their OLED devices.

Opening Ceremony of the new state-of-the-art cleanroom

On the 29th of October 2019, CYNORA officially opened a new cleanroom building in Bruchsal.

Press Release: OLED materials innovator CYNORA secures US$25M in first closing of Series C Round. CYNORA names Adam Kablanian as new Chief Executive Officer.

DISPLAY WEEK, San Jose, Calif., May 13, 2019 – Marking the initial closing of its Series C funding round, CYNORA today announced that it has secured US$25M in financing from investors in Asia, Europe and the US. Germany-based CYNORA is an emerging materials leader with a novel technology to produce ultra-high-efficiency emitter systems required for next-generation Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays. The company has raised US$80M since its inception in 2008. Final closing of the C round with an additional investment is expected shortly.

Meet our experts at OLED and display conferences worldwide

This year CYNORA will take part again in several conferences all over the world and we will present the recent progress in developing highly efficient blue emitter materials with TADF technology. Take the opportunity and meet our experts to discuss the latest trends of the OLED industry.

Press Release: CYNORA and LG Display expand their cooperation

Bruchsal, Germany – 8th October 2018 – CYNORA, a leader in TADF (thermally activated delayed fluorescence) materials for Next-generation OLEDs, extends its Joint Development Agreement with LG Display. After two years of joint development since 2016, CYNORA and LG Display have decided to continue their cooperation towards the commercialization of TADF emitters in OLED displays.

Press Release: CYNORA Presents the Status of the Blue TADF Technology for Displays at the OLEDs World Summit 2018

CYNORA, a leader in TADF (thermally activated delayed fluorescence) materials for next-generation OLEDs, presents the latest TADF technology updates and new achievements in deep-blue materials at the OLEDs World Summit in San Francisco, on September 18 – 20, 2018.

Opening ceremony of new facilities

Last week CYNORA officially opened its new facilities in Bruchsal.

Andreas Haldi about TADF, lifetime, color points and more

Our CMO, Dr. Andraes Haldi, gave an interview about TADF materials and explained the differences between next-generation emitter technologies, lifetime, color points and more.

Press Release: CYNORA presents high-performance blue TADF emitters at the SID Display Week 2018

CYNORA, a leader in TADF (thermally activated delayed fluorescence) materials for OLEDs, presents its newest high-performing blue emitting materials at the SID Display Week 2018 in Los Angeles. The company is currently working with the key display makers to finish the commercialization of the industry’s first blue high-efficiency emitter.

See the newest display trends at SID Display Week

In a couple of weeks, the SID Display Week - the biggest international conference for electronic displays will take place in Los Angeles. With more than 7000 attendees and 250 exhibitors, SID Display Week is definitely the must-see event for the leading display manufacturers, materials suppliers, business analysts and investors.

MIG Magazine and interview with CYNORA's CSO

In the newest MIG Magazine you will find a very interesting interview with Thomas Baumann, CYNORA's CSO, about our vision, IP strategy and the booming OLED market.

Visit the official MIG website to read the full interview.

Blue TADF emitters getting ready for commercial production

The TADF technology is receiving much attention as the main method for improving efficiency of blue emitting materials. High-efficiency blue OLEDs are currently missing on the market and the demand for this material is constantly growing year by year.

LG and Samsung invest €25 million in CYNORA

Bruchsal, Germany, September 14th, 2017- CYNORA, a leading provider of highly efficient organic emitter materials for OLEDs, announced today that the two Korean tech giants have decided to support CYNORA on its way to becoming a major player for OLED emitting materials.

Press Release: Leading OLED Experts Meet at the First International TADF Symposium Hosted by CYNORA

Leading OLED Experts Meet at the First International TADF Symposium Hosted by CYNORA

Successful TADF Symposium in Germany

CYNORA hosted a TADF symposium in Frankfurt, Germany. Approximately 150 attendees from Europe, Asia and the US attended the event.