Dan Rubin

General Partner,

With over thirty years of advance materials and semiconductor and display manufacturing experience, Dan Rubin has a strong track record for starting and transforming businesses in these markets.

Previously, in 2016 Dan Rubin led an acquisition of Impakt Holdings, a Display and Semiconductor manufacturing equipment company. He became CEO and led the company to significant growth with a revenue increase of 300% in just over 2 years. Prior to that, Dan was Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Ichor Systems, a gas and chemical delivery subsystem company.

Dan Rubin also co-founded a few start-ups; Synos Technology, a provider of scalable ALD solutions for OLED display manufacturers and Jetalon Solutions, a liquid analysis instrument company. Earlier in his career in 1999, he cofounded Celerity, Inc by raising funds to acquire 3 small companies which innovated a new business model for supplying the semiconductor equipment market. 

Dan Rubin has served on several non-profit and company Boards in the past.