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Lab Cynora

Welcome to CYNORA

CYNORA is technological leader in the field of Iridium-free emitter systems for organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). CYNORA pioneers in research and development of novel Copper-based and innovative pure-organic emitter systems, amongst other materials and technologies. In addition to sublimable materials for well established vacuum processing, a multitude of materials allowing for efficient liquid processing in coating and printing techniques are available.

One of CYNORAs major technological breakthroughs are energy efficient emitter materials implementing the Singlet Harvesting (SH) principle which cover a particularly broad range of the color spectrum down to deep blue. This principle is the key technology towards mass marketable and sustainable materials for efficient OLED displays and lighting.

As independent provider of this technology, which is covered by over 200 patents, CYNORA promotes the OLED revolution by providing tailored optoelectronic solutions for a bright future.